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Associate Professor/Reader (docent) in Musicology and Assistant Professor of Intermedial Studies (with special emphasis on music). Mats received his doctorate in 2007 at the University of Gothenburg on a dissertation about Swedish art music during the post-war period with particular focus on aesthetic and social aspects. After the dissertation, he has conducted research on how music relates to other art and media forms such as poetry, literature, visual arts, film, album covers, etc. In his monograph An Imaginary Musical Road Movie (2016) the focus is on concepts such as meaning, semiotics and narrativity. In addition, he as written about the boundaries between humanistic disciplines and fields of study, but also an essay entitled I think (2018). He is not only interested in musicological and intermedial issues but also in issues dealing with cultural sciences in general – this is reflected in his extensive teaching experience.



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Mats Arvidson

Reader, Division Manager, Senior Lecturer
Division of Intermedia Studies
Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

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