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Born in 1982, Ph.D. student and lecturer in History of Sciences and Ideas.

Area of research: Modern political and economical history of ideas (especially in Latin America)

I also give lectures within the fields of European poltical and economical history of ideas, french post-war philosophy and gender studies.


About the research

My research centres on a series of debates about independence and autonomy, which, ever since the decolonization, have permeated more or less all aspects of Latin American political thinking. The dissertation will, against a historical background, investigate precisely those strategies that were suggested in order to achieve economic, cultural and political independence. Among these, focus will be on the notion of self-sufficiency. This concept, usually terminologically associated with economic contexts, will be used here also to indicate a cultural and philosophical independence, that is, a longing for continental, regional or national autonomy.

Within this theme a highly topical idea is to be found, namely the notion of a South American union, which in the dissertation will be analyzed in relation to Pan Americanism and those Hispanophile and Francophile tendencies that run parallel to it. This notion of a South American integration constitutes an excellent object of study since it effectuates epistemic access to the various concepts of South American identity and the perceived relationship to the rest of the world – and here we include the former mother county, the other parts of Europe and the United States – throughout history at work among the Latin American political thinkers of that time (that is, the search for what is autó-ctono, which comprised a large portion of 19th century intellectual life).

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Anna Cappi

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