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I am a researcher, supervisor and teacher in the Section for Ethnology & the Section for Digital Culture. As researcher I study digital and analogue popular cultures, gaming, health, mobility, love, Reality TV and everyday life. Currently research concerns"problematic gaming" in everyday life. My anthology with AM Thorhauge and A Gregersen "What's the Problem in Problem Gaming" comes out 2018. The theme originated in e.g. "Gaming Moms: Juggling Time, Play and Family Life" (VR 2008:-13) and "Games and Play-For Better For Worse is related to"A Fat World" and the other side of the coin: "Game Love". I supervise MA students on the LU Master of Applied Cultural Analysis (MACA)for whom I also coordinate courses and teach (Fiedwork& Project Management, Thesis Writing and Work Placement). I also teach on the BA in Digital Cultures.I am Managing Editor and Deputy Ed-in-Chief of Game Studies. 2015 I published Game Love: Essays on play and affection with E MacCallum-Stewart.


About the research

I am currently researching problematic gaming in families from an everyday perspective.

Past project include the significance of reality TV outside the realm of the screen and the living room, outreach activities organized under the name of Reality TV Gameshow The Biggest Loser, such as runs and walks.

I am a member of HEX- Humanities Experimental Research Group at the Faculties of Humanities and Theology. I have coordinates the Digital Cultures and Games seminar series with labs since 2010. The seminars are open to all and held in English. Info on HEX and more information on the seminar series and lectures held can be found here:

I am Mg Editor,Editor and Reviewer for the international journal of computer games research Game Studies, which you can find here:

The anthology "Game Love: Essays on Play and Affection", edited with Dr Esther macCallum-Stewart, UK, was published in January 2015, on McFarland.

I am happy to collaborate and network with people and organizations at other institutions, universities, businesses and industry outside the academic realm. In 2010, The Swedish National Institue of Public Health and I organized a big conference on gaming and gambling with focus on women and youth here at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences.
In April 2015 I was at the Technical Museum in Stockholm to talk about Game Love


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Jessica Enevold

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