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I am a PhD student in Information Studies.

In my thesis, I study how teacher trainees use social media as tools for learning. I am interested in how social media are appropriated during teacher training and how information literacies are enacted in the process.

I give lectures on topics such as social media and libraries, collaborative writing in digital settings and the reference interview.

I am a member of the research group "Information practices: Communication, Culture and Society" at Lund University and the International Information Literacies Research Network.


About the research

I am a PhD student in Information Studies. 

In my thesis, I study how teacher trainees appropriate social media and other digital services as tools for learning. I am interested in the interplay between appropriation, identity and information literacy. 


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Other tasks and qualifications

Conference contributions

Hanell, F. (2011). ”A situated view on Information Literacy: epistemological issues and practical solutions through analysis of participatory media in learning environments.” Short paper presented at i3, Information: Interactions and Impact. June 20–23, 2011, Aberdeen, UK.

Hanell, F. (2011). ”New arenas for learning: teacher students’ use of participatory media as tools for learning.” Poster presented at iDocQ, The inaugural Information Science Doctoral Colloquium. June 19th, 2011, Aberdeen, UK. Winner of the prize for best poster. (Poster available at:

Hanell, F. (2012). ”Why Teachers Like Facebook or Two Teacher Educators, One Facebook Group and 200 Teacher Trainees”. Paper presented at Universitas 21 workshop on Digital Humanities. September 20th, 2012, Lund, Sweden.

Hanell, F. (2012). ”From an Architecture of Participation to a Structure for Nurturing Relationships: Swedish Teacher Trainees’ Informal Learning on Facebook”. Full paper presented at Internet Research 13.0:Technologies. October 19th, 2012, Salford, United Kingdom.

Hanell, F. (2013). ”Bringing the Backstage to the Front. Teacher Trainees’ Appropriation of Participatory Media as Tools for Learning”. Poster presented at CoLIS 8 Doctoral Forum. August 18th, 2013, Lund, Sweden.

Carlsson, H., Hanell, F. & Lindh, K. (2013). "Exploring multiple spaces and practices: a note on the use of ethnography in research in library and information studies". Paper presented at CoLIS 8. August 19th, 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hanell, F. (2016). "Where identity meets information: teacher trainees’ performance of identity positions and information activities". Short paper presented at CoLIS 9. June 28th, 2016, Uppsala, Sweden.

Popular scientific presentations, a selection

Lecture: “Kompetens och bibliotekarieroll i förändring: exempel från praktik och undervisning” [“Changes in Competence and Librarianship: Examples from Practice and Education”]. Skolbiblioteksdagen i Malmö [The Regional School Library Conference in Malmö], 120508.

Lecture: “Sociala medier – verktyg för lärande” [“Participatory Media – Tools for Learning”]. Skolbiblioteksdagen i Höör [The Regional School Library Conference in Höör], 110517.

Fredrik Hanell

Doctoral Student, Division Manager
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