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Book History – information for applicants to PhD position

Vacancies 2018

Information for applicants to PhD student position in Book History

We invite applications for one doctoral research fellowship in Book History starting September 1st 2018. The application deadline is March 1st 2018. It is not mandatory for the applicant to have studied book history. Applications should be made online, please see below.

The fellowship is located at the Division for Book History, Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences at Lund University. The research environment is dynamic and has well-established national and international contacts.

Lund University is the only university in the Nordic countries where book history is a discipline of its own. The subject was introduced in 1990. We offer courses both on undergraduate and on graduate/PhD level. Book historical research is also pursued in disciplines such as comparative literature, history, media history and other adjacent fields. Internationally, book historical research is in an expansive phase.

The official announcement, including a link to the online application form, can be accessed here:

Before writing your application, please note:

Read the application instructions carefully.

The applicants are ranked based on their merits as well as on the quality and relevance of the research proposal for Book History. Therefore, in order to be assessed correctly, all necessary documents, including bachelor's or and/or master's thesis and publications, must be attached and written in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English, French or German.

The application should include a description of the planned research project. We welcome applications with a clear book historical orientation and a well-defined problem. The application should show methodological and theoretical awareness, describe the empirical material for the study, and give an account of past and on-going research within the field. The application should also include a time-table for the project. Number of words is limited to 1500, exclusive of lists of literature references.

The doctoral research fellow is expected to carry out his/her work at Lund University.

It is recommended that applicants get acquainted with the research carried out at the division. Please see:

Research subject – Book History

A Swedish PhD education lasts four years full-time. The fellowship is fully funded, including wages, social security and entitlement to benefits. You find the eligibility requirements, and other information in the general syllabus:

General syllabus in Book History (PDF)

Please contact Professor Henrik Horstbøll (henrik.horstbollkultur.luse) or senior lecturer Kristina Lundblad (kristina.lundbladkultur.luse) if you have any questions.