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Global health humanities research workshop

Stockholm, 18-19 April 2018

The Medical Humanities Research Node at Lund University is organising a workshop on Global Health Humanities. The workshop is part of the Swedish Global Health Research Conference in Stockholm, 18-19 April.


Research in the medical humanities has a long tradition of studying public health and medical practice from the perspectives of ethnology, anthropology, history, literature, film & media studies, and philosophy, amongst others. Traditional research themes have included the history of medicine and public health, doctor-patient relations, illness narratives, the construction of power and expertise in medicine, gender & the body, and the experiences of seeking healthcare.

This workshop explores the ’global turn’ in medical humanities. How have researchers turned their gaze from local and national contexts to transnational and global ones? Participants will discuss the potential for medical humanities research to contribute – both methodologically and theoretically – to interdisciplinary global health research and the implementation of the SDGs. They will consider questions such as: How can we improve the aesthetics of global health data visualisations?  What can historical research on WHO reform tell us about the state of the organization today? What does ethnographic research on indicators and metrics look like? How are global health challenges – such as migration or disease control – communicated in film, art and museum exhibits, and to what end?

We invite researchers from a variety of disciplines including, but not limited to, history of medicine, anthropology, ethnology, philosophy, literature, and ethics. We welcome both participants who would like to present current projects, and also those with a keen interest in global health humanities research – with the overall aim of connecting and to exploring the potential for future collaborations.  

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For specific questions on the Global Health Humanities Research workshop, please contact Rachel Irwin, rachel.irwinkultur.luse