Crowdsourcing LongCovid Sweden (CiLC-S) – exploring possibilities and challenges of a library and information science based research project at the intersection of health informatics, crisis informatics, and medical humanities

11 October 2022 13:15 to 15:00 Seminar

Members of the research project Crowdsourcing LongCovid Sweden (CiLC-S), including researchers from library and information science, statistics, and cognitive neuroscience, as well as medical physicians, discuss the potentials and challenges of the project’s cross-disciplinary and large-scale data generating research approach.

Two aspects in particular will be in focus for the presentation: i) The challenges and opportunities of crowdsourcing methods for large-scale data generation in unexpected social health crisis situations. What strengths and weaknesses are associated with the method, and how can these be managed? What demands on research infrastructures and data curation, storage, and presentation can be identified, and how can these be resolved for the successful development of useful data repositories of societal value outside of singular research projects?, and ii) What information needs and strategies can be identified among the long Covid sufferers in Sweden? How do they perceive the Swedish healthcare’s systems provision of information to, and gathering of information from, this particular group? How can a potential failure of the Swedish research and healthcare system to meet the needs and expectations of a large social group in a health crisis be understood from a social legitimacy perspective? What can be learnt from this crisis for future similar crisis situations, from a social data collection and information ,provision perspective?

For further information about the project, see: https://www.hb.se/en/research/research-portal/projects/cilc-s---crowdsourcing-long-covid-sweden/

The semiminar is hosted by Medical humanities research node, LU.

Do you want to participate via Zoom? Please contact lisa.engstrom@kultur.lu.se

About the event:

11 October 2022 13:15 to 15:00

LUX C436 and Zoom

In English


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