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I work as an associate professor in intermedia studies. I also hold a PhD in comparative literature, and published my doctorial dissertation about the swedish modernist author Erik Asklund and his early works (2003). Mainly, I focused on intermediality in Asklund's early novels: interrelations between different media and art forms (visual arts, jazz music, prose fiction, cinema).

Later on as a researcher, I have come to study literature, intermediality, popular culture (music videos, popular music, and more), digital media.

I am one of the editors of the publication series "Intermedia Studies Press", and have this far published three volumes, for instance Changing Borders. New positions in contemporary intermediality (2007).

My latest project was finished in 2017. I examined the swedish poet Bruno K. Öijer and his poetry, and this resulted in the study Poesier & kombinationer. Bruno K. Öijer's intermediala poesi (Poetries and Combinations. The Intermedial Poetry of Bruno K. Öijer).



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Mikael Askander

Senior Lecturer, Division Manager
Division of Intermedia Studies
Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

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