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Born 1962, Ph.D, associate professor, assistant professor. In charge of museology at Lund university.

My name is Björn Magnusson Staaf and I am an archaeologist and museologist, and teacher and researcher at the section of ALM studies at the department of Arts and Cultural studies, Lund university. I received a Master of Arts degree in archaeology at UCLA in 1987, and a Ph.D degree at Lund university 1996. My interests of research has a rather broad spectrum, encompassing studies in museology, heritage management, early technological development (copper metallurgy), settlement archaeology (both pre-historic and historic), as well as in architectural history (19th – 20th century).

I came to the department of Arts and Cultural studies in 2008, then leaving a position as Deputy director of the Museum of Cultural history for southern Sweden and 1:st heritage officer of Lund. I have earlier in my career worked as heritage officer in Malmö, and as expert on research and development a



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Björn Magnusson Staaf

Reader, Programme Coordinator, Senior Lecturer
Division of ALM and Digital Cultures
Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

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