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born 1978, Ph.D. in the History of Ideas and Sciences.

I am specializing in continental thought in modernity, especially French philosophy and cultural theory from the Enlightenment to the present; I am particularly interested in the interplay between aesthetic expressions and conceptions of philosophies of nature, not least as these concern man's attempt at defining and representing ideas of human nature.

Among my primary research subjects are Gilles Deleuze, Giorgio Agamben and phenomenology, with a general regard to the issues of humanism, posthumanism and biopolitics.


About the research

My fields of interest are reflected in my dissertation, "Monstrosity & Man", which studies how ideas of the inhuman change from the mid-16th century to the late 20th century (from Renaissance humanism to posthumanism), focusing on the surgeon Ambroise Paré and the philosopher Gilles Deleuze.

My future projects include a study on the notion of "desire" in modern French philosophy, with an emphasis on Deleuze, and a study on Deleuzian film theory as a philosophy of nature, from a new-materialist perspective.


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Jonnie Eriksson

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