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In 2000 I defended my PhD thesis. The thesis problematizes spatial and social power on the basis of a cultural-analytical investigation of the concept of region and its discursive use within planning debate.
Afterwards I have been preoccupied with research projects on medicine, care and health from a social and cultural perspective. Among other things I have in several articles investigated questions about organ donation and transplantation.
Today my research concerns three different fields: 1) Transnationalism, national identity, regional movements 2) Cultural perspectives on biomedicine, care and health 3) Ethnography and methodological development.
I am associate professor in ethnology at Lund University. I work as researcher and lecturer at the Department of Art and Cultural Sciences. An ongoing research project, within the Linné environment Bagadilico, is about Parkinson's disease.



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Markus Idvall

Reader, Researcher, Senior Lecturer
Division of Ethnology
Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

Office Director
Centre for Oresund Region Studies
Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

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E-mail markus.idvallkultur.luse

Phone +46 46 222 09 49

Room C441

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Helgonavägen 3, Lund (reader, researcher, senior lecturer)
Campus Helsingborg, Universitetsplatsen 2, Helsingborg (office director)

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Box 192, 221 00 Lund (reader, researcher, senior lecturer)
Box 2074, 220 02 Helsingborg (office director)

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