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I am working as professor in ethnology. I have been working at the Department of Ethnology, Lund University, since march 2001. From the 1 of january I belong to the Dept. of Cultural Sciences. Here I have my daily activities, as researcher and teacher. Since 2013 I am editor for Ethnologia Scandinavia.

My research interests are focused on the history of psychiatry and societal perspectives on deviant people, the construction of cultural heritage and the history of cycling. 2016 I operate two projects: 1) Bicycle freedom (with Charlotte Hagström) and 2) Rumours, gossip and scandals: A study of royal concubines and journalistic methods (with Mia-Marie Hammarlin, financed by Ridderstads stiftelse).


About the research

My research interests revolves mainly around two phenomena: first, social treatment and disposal of socially deviant people, secondly, heritage and the practice of the past. The study of social deviation, I have primarily conducted through historical perspectives. My thesis investigated psychiatric institutions 1850-1970. In recent years I have accordingly examined the ”new” open psychiatry and its methods of meeting, treating and creating knowledge about patients. In large part, these studies have focused on the concepts of power, knowledge, body and space. The question of how psychiatry and social services produces knowledge of their patients or clients interests me a lot as well as the consequences of such knowledge may have for the written individual.
My research on heritage processes have mainly focused the question of what happens when things like buildings and objects are elevated to cultural heritage. On what grounds will some things be considered cultural heritage? On what grounds are other things neglected this elevation?
Along with Charlotte Hagström I building a new project on cycling (Bicycle freedom). With Mia-Marie Hammarlin I run the project, Rumours, gossip and scandals: A study of royal concubines and journalistic practices. This is both a contemporary and a historical study of how gossip is part of journalism. The case studies collected from three so-called royal scandals and extends from the late 1800s to the present.


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