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I am born in 1943, Ph D in European Ethnology 1978, professor in European Ethnology, University of Lund 1991-2008. Guest professor at University of California, Santa Cruz 1983, 1986 and 1997. Honorary doctor at Copenhagen University 2008. Chair of ACSIS (Advanced Cultural Institute of Sweden).

I teach mainly in the master program MACA (applied cultural analysis).

Together with Barbara Czarniawska I am in charge of a research project on the management of overflow and a smaller project on "How everyday life shapes domestic media", together with Billy Ehn.


About the research

The cultural analysis of everyday life has been an ongoing focus in my research, for example in the arenas of consumption and media use. I have a special interest in mundane activities that often are overlooked, as routines, waiting and daydreaming. What is going on when nothing seems to happen?

Another central field is studies of national identity formations and transnational processes. In several projects I have followed the development of the transnational region of Öresund, linking Denmark and Sweden. I have also been interested in the history of transnational mobility, as in tourism and travel.


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Orvar Löfgren

Professor Emeritus
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