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I am a teacher at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, teaching courses on sustainable eating and gastronomy. Before moving to Lund I taught courses on food and material culture, as well as conducting a thesis workshop for undergraduates at the University of Iceland.


Thesis projects

About the research

My current research is about organic food and modern food relationships. I am interested in how people create and practice food values when it comes to the production and consumption of organic food. In order to do so I explore the interplay between food producers, consumers and middlemen, and the role intimacy plays in establishing trust within the industrial food chain.

At the moment I am also involved in a book project that focuses on the role of local food and food heritage in the Nordic countries and the Baltic.

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Jón Thor Pétursson

Doctoral Student
Division of Ethnology
Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

Contact information

E-mail jon_thor.peturssonkultur.luse

Phone +46 46 222 75 66

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Room LUX:A412

Visiting address Helgonavägen 3, Lund

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