(Im)mobile bodies, travelling stories

28 september 2022 14:30 till 16:00 Seminarium

Traversing cinematic representations of borderland identity and belonging

This is the second event in the series Mobile bodies, travelling theories: Öresund / Gibraltar. This series is organised by William Kutz in collaboration with Centre for Oresund Region Studies and Think Tanger


How do artistic and cultural practices shape the construction of collective memory and identity in borderland formation? How do these territorial markers, stories and discourses tell us something about “regional ways of doing things” and the “mental boundaries” that render these places as recognisable from other areas? How might the circulation of bodies and narratives also help us to re-connect the region to other “imagined communities”, and why? 

This seminar will examine the ways that film and television can inform our understanding of borderland formation in the Öresund and Gibraltar regions. Our first speaker, Pei-Sze Chow, will draw from her research on Daniel Dencik’s short film Out as well as the award-winning Swedish Television series Bron/Broen (The Bridge) – a police-thriller portrayed through the Swedish detective Saga Norén and her Danish counterpart crisscrossing the Öresund Bridge in pursuit of criminal masterminds. Our second contribution will be a discussion with Randa Maroufi about her film Bab Sebta – an intimate portrait of the infrastructural, sociological and psychological dimensions of border-crossing between the Spanish exclave of Ceuta and Morocco.


Pei-Sze Chow, University of Amsterdam: "Mediating regional space and identity in the Øresund region"
Randa Maroufi, visual artist: "Bab Sebta" (Ceuta Gate)


Annette Hill, Lund University
Kristine Samson, Roskilde University


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Read more about the series here: Mobile bodies, travelling theories: Öresund / Gibraltar.

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28 september 2022 14:30 till 16:00



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