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Master's Programme in Applied Cultural Analysis

Master's Programme in Applied Cultural Analysis

The programme aims to develop and deepen students’ knowledge and skills within the field of applied cultural analysis. It emphasises the use of ethnography and cultural analysis as a means of helping organisations and businesses to develop their services and products as well as finding solutions to problems they may face as an aspect of their daily activities. The programme will strengthen students’ theoretical and methodological skills in ethnography while developing advanced understanding of different organisational contexts, as well as the demands these place on project management, communications and product development.

Via internships practice, projects and the Master thesis, you will be able to develop and target your skills to the specialised field in which you wish to work after completing your studies.

Term 1Semesters
Applied Cultural Analysis: Introduction to Applied Cultural Analysis, 7.5 ECTS (TKAN08)autumn 2018
Applied Cultural Analysis: Theoretical Traditions in the Humanities and Social Sciences, 7.5 ECTS (TKAN09)autumn 2018
Applied Cultural Analysis: Strategies for Composing Cultural Analysis, 15 ECTS (TKAN18)autumn 2018
Term 2
Applied Cultural Analysis: Strategies for Cultural Analysis, 15 ECTS (TKAN15)spring 2018
Applied Cultural Analysis: Fieldwork and Project Management, 15 ECTS (TKAN16)spring 2018
Term 3
Applied Cultural Analysis: Specialization, 15 ECTS (TKAN14)autumn 2018
Applied Cultural Analysis: Understanding Organizations and Communication through Work Placement, 15 ECTS (TKAN17)autumn 2018
Term 4
Applied Cultural Analysis: Master's (Two Years) Thesis, 30 ECTS (TKAM02)spring 2018