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Master's Programme in Visual Culture

Master's Programme in Visual Culture

Visuality is studied from a critical and intermedial perspective, which includes elements of sound, gestures and spatial atmospheres, and where aspects like power, history, social relations, gender, and ethnicity are central. The programme is mainly constructed as an interdisciplinary combination of Art History and Visual Studies and Film Studies. Furthermore the role of visual communication (and to some extent, its auditory reinforcements) is analysed –in artistic as well as mass medial forms – when it comes to shaping the major issues of life and society. The programme covers both mass culture and art, for instance, design objects, architecture and urban environments; art; film and television; comics and computer games, as well as scientific images. Programme modules/Courses: Theory of Science and Methodology in Visual Culture (15 ECTS), Critical Perspectives on Globalism in Visual Culture (15 ECTS), Environment and Nature (15 ECTS) and Representations of Violence in the Visual Arts and Media (15 ECTS), Histories of Modern Visuality (15 ECTS), Body and Image (15ECTS), Master’s degree project (30 ECTS). 

Career prospects 

After completing the programme you will be able to actively mediate your knowledge of the visual field, thereby satisfying society’s needs for critical tools of analysis. Future career prospects include work within: cultural administration and production, planning and shaping of public space, cultural journalism/criticism, teaching, and research within the field of visual studies, as well as in a wider research context, given the growing importance of visual knowledge in other areas, e.g. the biosciences, pedagogy, etc.

Term 1Semesters
Visual Culture: Theory and Methodology, 15 ECTS (KOVN07)autumn 2018
Visual Culture: Histories of Modern Visuality, 15 ECTS (KOVN13)autumn 2018
Term 2
Visual Culture: Representations of Violence in the Visual Arts and Media, 15 ECTS (KOVN11)
Visual Culture: Environment and Nature, 15 ECTS (KOVN15)
Term 3
Visual Culture: Critical Perspectives on Globalisation in Visual Culture, 15 ECTS (KOVN09)
Visual Culture: Body and Image, 15 ECTS (KOVN14)
Term 4
Visual Culture: Master's Thesis, 30 ECTS (KOVM12)spring 2018