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Master's programme in Applied Cultural Analysis

Master's programme in Applied Cultural Analysis (MACA) is a hands-on programme that will teach you how to conduct cultural analysis, solving concrete problems in corporations, public institutions and NGO’s. You will be trained in ethnographic field work, in organizing projects and communicating results. A unique advantage of the programme is the close cooperation between a Danish and Swedish university, where MACA is the first to take full advantage of the emerging transnational Öresund region.

The program is developed in close dialogue with potential employers. With a MACA degree you may work in areas like health care systems, public planning, tourism, marketing or media. You will deal with questions like:

  • How are culture and economy intertwined in the analysis of new markets and consumer preferences?
  • How can cultural analysis contribute to processes of innovation?
  • How do processes of globalization and local lifestyles intersect in regional contexts?
  • How do the predicaments of cultural diversity challenge established concepts of ethnicity and class, gender and age?