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I am Senior lecturer and Associate Professor in History of Ideas and the director of the Curses of Humanistic Informatics at Department of Cultural Sciences at Lund University in Sweden. I began to develop Humanistic Informatics at Lund University in the year 2002 as a consequence of the foundation of the Latin American Virtual University created in 1995 and operating since this time from Lund University. My research is principally connected to the cognitive and cultural problems associates with the globalization of communication and more specific with the philosophy and the history of communication technologies during different periods and in different regions of the world.


About the research

My research focuses on understanding the phenomena of globalization and the roll of technology in that process. With the study of 'global ideas' I mean the research that deals with the globalization process of the ideas of different fields and in different periods of history and in different parts of the world. Crucial to the definition is the treatment of contemporary history and the history of modern communication technology. In this regard, I have studied some aspect of the globalization from the 16th and the 17th centuries until our days. I have tried to understand the connection between the general cultural history and the history of ideas history of science and technology. My current research is an attempt to answer the question: What is humanities social benefit? The approach I have chosen is based on a definition of the humanist practice as a particular type of technology which I define as "broken technologies". I am working with the phenomenology of these technologies and with the production of an encyclopedia of broken artefacts.


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