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I hold a PhD in history and am senior lecturer of archival science on part-time at the Department of Cultural Sciences. My main position is at the Labour Movement Archives and Library in Stockholm, where I have headed the institution since 2005. My research interests are in the field of contemporary history field and is mostly about technology and politics, and the interconnection between them. The doctoral thesis “The New Public Sphere” treats the emergence of Swedish ICT and information technology implications for democracy, citizenship and publicity in the late 1900s. Previously, I have been a senior lecturer in history at Örebro University and director of the multidisciplinary research program DemocrIT, as well as expert advisor at the Ministry of Culture. I currently sit on the board of the Institute for Future Studies and has been a member of the government's ICT Commission and Democracy Delegation, and member of the board of directors of the Swedish Radio and Teracom AB



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Lars Ilshammar

Former employee at Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences.

Lars Ilshammar can no longer be reached through the department/unit.