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Andréa Wiszmeg

I started my PhD-studies in Ethnology at the Dept. of Arts & Cultural Sciences at Lund University in February 2012, after working 1,5 years as a research assistant within the multidisciplinary project Basal Ganglia Disorders Linnaeus Consortium (BAGADILICO), in which I am presently conducting my doctoral studies. I also formerly held a position as a project assistant in the European Union Interreg IV project Culture Driven Innovation.

Together with my colleagues from the Cultural and Social Sciences in the Cultural Scientific Research Team of BAGADILICO, I examine societal and cultural contexts for and implications of neurological and genetic research for patients and the public. My research interest is the knowledge production and dissemination in medical and genetic research.

I hold a MA in Applied Cultural Analysis, and a BA in History of Ideas and Sciences from Lund University.


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Andréa Wiszmeg


Andréa Wiszmeg
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