Cultural Politics and Cultural Heritage

The hub for cultural politics and cultural heritage at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences aims to increase the visibility of the department’s research on these issues both externally and internally. The hub brings together researchers from several disciplines, who learn from each other while further developing issues relating to cultural politics and cultural heritage. In this context, cultural politics and cultural heritage are to be interpreted in a broad sense and approaches include both the contemporary and the historical, the empirical and the theoretical, and both conceptual and methodological development. How we, as researchers, approach cultural politics and cultural heritage can vary depending on our discipline. When reflecting on the hub’s focus on the basis of ongoing research at our department, certain themes emerge: The practices and processes of cultural heritage and cultural heritage institutions The significance and consequences of different cultural heritage practices in civil society Cultural heritage and appropriation The significance of cultural heritage and cultural politics in diplomacy and conflict The significance and impact of cultural heritage in connection with migration The materiality and immateriality of cultural heritage Cultural heritage policy organisation in a global society Cultural-political production of identities The economic and cultural-political conditions of cultural heritage Within the hub, seminars provide opportunities for researchers to present their own texts, discuss current research or invite researchers from other higher education institutions. In the hub, we share our networks, discuss new projects and test ideas. The hub is also a way of linking teaching and research and to join forces to showcase the research into cultural heritage and cultural politics at the department, while forming a bridge for collaboration both with other departments within Lund University and with external stakeholders in the field.
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