Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

The Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology | Lund University

Academic advising

The department has four academic advisors. Contact them if you have questions about your education.

Henrik Brissman

  • Archival Science
  • Art History and Visual Studies
  • History of Ideas and Sciences
  • Library and Information Science
  • Museology
  • Musicology
  • Master's Programme in Archival Studies, Library and Information Studies, Museum Studies (ALM)
  • Master's Programme in Historical Studies
  • Master's Programme in Visual Culture

Anna Burstedt

  • Ethnology
  • Publishing
  • Intermedia Studies
  • Cultural Management
  • Bachelor's Programme in Digital Cultures
  • Master's Programme in Applied Cultural Analysis

Valeria Naters

  • Book History

Petra Larsson

  • Bachelor's Programme in Fashion Studies

Contact information

Henrik Brissman, Academic Advisor

E-mail Henrik.Brissmankultur.luse

Phone +46 (0)46-222 46 99

Room LUX: C312, Helgonavägen 3

Meetings by appointment.


Anna Burstedt, Academic Advisor

E-mail Anna.Burstedtkultur.luse 

Phone +46 (0)46–222 94 33

Room LUX:C313, Helgonavägen 3

Meetings by appointment.


Valeria Naters, Academic Advisor

E-mail Valeria.Naterskultur.luse

Phone +46 (0)46–222 31 40

Room LUX:C312, Helgonavägen, 3

Meetings by appointment.


Petra Larsson, Academic Advisor

E-mail Petra.Larssonkultur.luse

Phone +46 (0) 42-356517

Campus Helsingborg Building C, room 431

Meetings by appointment.