History of Ideas and Sciences

Internationally, the Swedish field of History of Ideas and Sciences corresponds to several different research focuses. History of Ideas and Sciences at Lund thus has a relatively broad research profile. We are nevertheless more specifically oriented towards studies of early modernity, history of philosophy and a more recent emphasis on conceptual history. In addition to this, several researchers are showing an interest in the history of science, technology and medicine. Our research in early modern studies includes the history of art, music, literature, science and more. The research in the history of philosophy is only partially related to the field that is occasionally known as 'intellectual history' in the English-speaking world, and has gained a much stronger orientation towards 'the history of concepts'. The research directed towards the history of science and technology forms part of that international field which is also well related to the broader interdisciplinary field established under the name ‘Science and Technology Studies (STS)’. These different orientations within the field of History of Ideas and Sciences at Lund combine well together, as they share a common starting point in the interest in providing a cultural-historical perspective ensuring that the historical analyses are embedded in their ideological and cultural context. The importance of context for understanding and interpreting different historical phenomena has always been highly valued within the field of History of Ideas and Sciences in Sweden, and is also the glue that binds the different interests and orientations found at the research environment for the field at Lund University together. At the same time those different points of emphasis mean that historians of ideas and sciences enjoy working with researchers from other subjects and faculties at Lund, such as Medicine and history of medicine or with Astronomy at the Science Faculty, or with the Faculty of Engineering in the field of Information Technology – and do so often.

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