FAQ before the start of the semester

If you have been informed that you have been admitted, you will receive a notice of the introductory meeting at least one week before the start of the course. If you have not received a summons, please contact us. We send our summons letters by e-mail and sometimes the letter ends up in the rubbish bin – therefore check it as well.

During the introductory meeting, you will learn more about how the course is structured. Time and place for introductory meetings as well as schedules, syllabi and list of literature can also be found under each course website which you can find on the web page: Courses by semester.

The course you have applied for has a special entry requirement that you do not yet meet. These can be courses that you are currently studying, but have not completed, or courses that you have studied elsewhere or a long time ago, where the admissions office cannot determine whether they correspond to the courses specified in the eligibility requirements. You will then be admitted to the course, but on condition that you actually have the prior knowledge that the course presupposes before the start of the course.

Note that you will be deleted from your lower priority options. If you realize that you will not meet the requirements, you should cancel the course (no later than three days before you receive your first admission notification). Otherwise, you may be ineligible for the only course you are admitted to, and cannot be registered for it. If you are unsure whether you will fulfill the condition, you must contact the course's academic advisor immediately.

You can, in certain circumstances, be exempted from the entry requirements, for example if you only miss a few points from the underlying course. Contact the academic advisor for questions about this.

There are also a couple of other conditions:

  • Advanced level conditions (AV): you must present a completed degree of 180 credits to be fully eligible for the education
  • Tuition fee conditions (SV): you need to pay tuition fees or show that you are exempt from payment

If you are conditionally admitted to one or more courses, due to the fact that you do not yet meet the eligibility requirements, you will receive a message that an error occurred while registering for a course when you try to register. You will find the eligibility conditions at www.antagning.se or www.universityadmissions.se.

If you have a conditional admission, you can be registered in connection with the course introduction, of course, provided that you later meet the conditions at the start of the course. If you have any questions about your eligibility conditions, please contact your academic advisor.

It is not possible to answer how big your chances are.

The admission notice shows how many admissions there are in the selection groups in which you are placed on the waiting list. This can give an indication of your chances.

If you have agreed to remain on a waiting list, you will receive a new admission letter after the second selection. It shows if you have advanced on the waiting list. In most cases, "over-admission" is made because the department knows from experience that some admitted students do not show up at the start of the course. This means that a number of admissions must first have declined before the department can call any one on the waiting list for the course.

A low number is therefore no guarantee that you will get a place.

If you are on the waiting list, do not attend the introductory meeting – unless the department specifically informs you about it.

For many courses and programmes the department does not call on the waiting list until after the introductory meeting, when we know how many of the admitted ones showed up.

Only after the introductory meeting do we know how many places are left on the courses.

Waiting list and late registered students are accepted in turn according to reserve placement and registration date. Whether waiting list applicants are called to the introductory meeting or contacted after the meeting depends on the course in question.

You will receive more information from the course administrator for the course you have applied for, or from the academic advisor.

After the application deadline on the first admission round: January 15 or August 15, or the second admission round April 15 or October 15, registration closes.

The courses and programs that may have vacancies after the first selection will reopen for late application. If you make a late application you will be ranked according to those who applied in time, based on the date when you meet the eligibility requirements for the course or programme you have applied for.

If your qualifications are not registered on www.universityadmissions.se or www.antagning.se it is important that you send certified copies of all documents that prove your eligibility as soon as possible.

Make a late registration on www.universityadmissions.se or www.antagning.se.

Late applications will be processed after the second admissions results. You can follow your application at www.universityadmissions.se or www.antagning.se, where you can see if you have been accepted or which reserve place you have been given. If you have been given a spare place, it is the department that will call you if there is a place available. Please note that it may take until the start of the semester and even the entire first week of the semester before you receive a message.

If you have been admitted late to a course that has already started, you should contact the department as soon as you can. You need to be prepared to start the course immediately.

No, you have to apply at www.antagning.se and www.universityadmissions.se.

In many of the department’s free standing courses, you who have been admitted must register yourself via the web approximately one week before the course starts. You do this by logging in to Ladok and clicking your way to the course you want to register for. The web registration is only open to those who are admitted without conditions to the course.

If you cannot register via the student portal, you will be registered at the introductory meeting. If you are admitted after the start of the course, you will be registered by the course administrator.

If you have applied for study grants for the semester in question, information about the registration will reach the The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN) within the next few days after registration. Thus, payment can be made automatically.

Once you have been admitted or registered for a course, you need to activate your student account.

Information on how to activate your student account on Lund University's website.

Once you have registered for a course and obtained a student account, you can log in to the Canvas learning platform if it is used on the course.

Link to the learning platform Canvas.

You can find contact information and a map on the department's website.

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