Colloquium in History of Ideas and Sciences

This is a public research colloquium held about ten times a semester and focused on studies in the history of ideas and sciences which are presented and commented by the participants. The field is broadly defined, both chronologically and thematically. The colloquium is interdisciplinary in the sense that also researchers from other disciplines, such as for example philosophy, ethnology or political science, which are interested in problems relevant to the history of ideas and sciences, are welcome to present preliminary results. The participants are typically PhD students and researchers in history of ideas and science, but there are also advanced students and other interested researchers. The presentations are made by researchers from Lund University as well as researchers from other universities and university colleges. Often, preliminary research texts are distributed before the colloquium and in these cases, the participants are expected to have read the text in order to comment on its content. The language is typically Swedish, but when required the working language is English.
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Contact information

Anna Tunlid

Researcher and reader, Division of History of Ideas and Sciences