Critical Studies

Critical Studies Research Node

Research is a collective effort to understand the world. Critical research aims further to improve it.

According to the critical studies research node, the world needs improvement on many levels, from the planetary to the intimate. At the university, neoliberalisation particularly has done much damage to the emancipatory potential of research and teaching. The university should be a place to learn that another world is possible, and it should be a place for open discussion of how to get there. To fulfil this critical aim, the Critical Studies Research Node brings together researchers and students from the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology and beyond. The first step towards a better university lies in bringing researchers out of their isolated offices and insisting on solidarity and trust as the precondition for any science.

The research node organises reading sessions, text seminars, and lectures and participates in demonstrations and the wider public debate. It also aims to create alliances between students of critical theory, Lund University, and other institutions and movements.

Themes discussed so far include: emancipatory pedagogy, imperialism and struggles against it, gender inequality, and the nexus between colonialism, capitalism, and climate catastrophe. In all cases, the goal of the node is to better understand the unequal power relations of this world and our own place in them.

Everyone is welcome to join any of our activities. Seminars are held in English.

We meet regularly on the last Thursday of every month from 15 to 17 at LUX, Helgonavägen 3, Lund.

During the Spring Term 2024, we will be discussing the theories, practices and implications of imperialism.

  • First session, January 25th, 15-17
  • Second session, February 29th, 15-17
  • Third session, March 28th, 15-17
  • Fourth session, April 25th, 15-17
  • Fifth session, May 30th, 15-17



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