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Jessica Enevold, Senior Lecturer

Jonas Frykman, Professor Emeritus

Britta Geschwind, Postdoctoral Fellow

Lizette Gradén, Researcher

Karin Gustavsson, Researcher

Charlotte Hagström, Reader, Senior Lecturer

Kristofer Hansson, Reader, Researcher

Katarzyna Herd, Researcher

Markus Idvall, Reader, Researcher, Senior Lecturer

Rachel Irwin, Researcher

Håkan Jönsson, Reader, Researcher, Senior Lecturer

Lars-Eric Jönsson, Professor

Susanne Lundin, Professor

Jakob Löfgren, Researcher

Orvar Löfgren, Professor Emeritus

Inger Lövkrona, Professor Emerita

Gabriella Nilsson, Reader, Researcher, Senior Lecturer

Thomas O'dell, Professor

Karin Salomonsson, Reader, Senior Lecturer

Robert Willim, Reader, Senior Lecturer

Andréa Wiszmeg, Researcher

Lynn Åkesson, Professor

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