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PhD in ethnology. Work as a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Cultural Sciences.

I defended my thesis "Gender Power or Wich hunt? Antagonistic conceptions of men's violence against women" in October 2009. Here I studied the struggle for precedence in the perception of rape, incest and physical assult in the period 1975-2000 in Sweden.

Since then I have completed a study of healthy, active and affluent retirees who moved to Österlen. Read more about this in the recently published anthology Nordic Seniors on the Move (2013)!

I have also studied how various professional groups handle child obesity. In an upcomming article I launch the concepts legitimate and illegitimate obesity as well as the morality of time.

My current research involves a study on the implementation of a new home-based care model for children who are diagnosed with diabetes.


About the research

My research interests are aimed at three separate fields: gender and violence, life as a pensioner and child obesity.

Gender and violence

After working on my thesis I became even more interested in the link between legitimised violence and the construction of masculinity. How is the possibility of suppressing criminalised violence affected by the fact that violence is permitted in many masculine pursuits: within certain professions, sports and in popular culture? A forthcoming article on the theme is “Balls enough. Manliness and Legitimated Violence in Hell’s Kitchen”.

Life as a pensioner

How life as a pensioner is “done” depends on cultural factors such as gender, class, ethnicity, age and so on. My research interest is mainly directed at the group of pensioners who have the financial means to make their dreams a reality. How do they live when they themselves can choose?

Cild obesity

Here my interest lies in the link between ethnicity and class in the meeting between healthcare staff and families in which children have what is defined in a Swedish context as a serious health problem: excess weight.


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Gabriella Nilsson

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Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

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