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Starting out with an analysis of illegitimate births in 19C Sweden(1977), the focus during the 80's was on culture and class, resulting in a wide range of publications (1979, 1985,1993)The volume "Culture Builders" (1987) is translated into different languages. Processes of socialisation and the everyday experience of living with the welfare state has been a major field in a book on schooling (1998) and on sick-leave (2009). A major theme through the years has been the senses and bodily experiences, most pronounced in a volume on pain an identity(1998),on phenomenology (2003), and on the affective turn (2012). Matters on memory and monuments are dealt with separately in one volume (2007) and a survey of European Anthropology in an edited volume (2012).


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Other tasks and qualifications

Editor of the International Journal Ethnologia Scandinavica, 1994 – 2005.

Professional positions
1993-1996 Professor and Chair, European Ethnology, University of Bergen Norway.
1996- 2001 Professor II, European Ethnology, University of Bergen, Norway.
1996- 2009 Professor and Chair: European Ethnology, University of Lund, Sweden.
2009 - Professor II, Agderforskning, Kristiansand, Norway

Experience from Evaluations:
Evaluating research projects within the calls 6th and 7th Framework Programmes of the European Commission. 2000 – 2010; Marie Curie 2009-2012.
On the Board of the Norwegian Reserach Council (NFR), Kön i förändring, Kultur och hälsa. Swedish Council for Sport Research (Idrottens forskningråd) ,Youth Research Council, Sweden (FRN), Humanities and Social Research, HSFR, division for Sociology, Applied Social Research, Anthropology and Ethnology, Sweden, and VR (Vetenskapsrådet).

Research Projects
From 1981 to today I have been managing 16 different research projects in Sweden, Norway and internationally; engaging more than 50 scholars.
The latest, Trygghetens variationer, (2004-2009) was dealing with regional differences in long-term sick-leave, and managed together with Professor Bo Rothstein, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. It resulted in two books, one dissertation, and twenty other scientific publications in Swedish, English and French.

Jonas Frykman

Professor Emeritus
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