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Information Studies


Mats Arvidson, Reader, Senior Lecturer

Mikael Askander, Senior Lecturer

Per Bäckström, Researcher

Hanna Carlsson, Senior Lecturer

Jessica Enevold, Senior Lecturer

Lisa Engström, Researcher

Heidrun Führer, Senior Lecturer

Charlotte Hagström, Reader, Senior Lecturer

Jutta Haider, Reader, Senior Lecturer

Ann-Sofie Klareld, Senior Lecturer

Sara Kärrholm, Reader, Senior Lecturer

Krista Lepik, Researcher

Karolina Lindh, Researcher

Björn Magnusson Staaf, Reader, Senior Lecturer

Lisa Olsson Dahlquist, Researcher

Moa Petersén, Senior Lecturer

Pernilla Rasmussen, Senior Lecturer

Johanna Rivano Eckerdal, Reader, Senior Lecturer

Olof Sundin, Professor

Sara Tanderup Linkis, Postdoctoral Fellow

Robert Willim, Reader, Senior Lecturer

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Articles (109)
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Encyclopaedia entries (1)
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