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Phd. in Art History and Visual Studies, MA in History and MA in Comparative Literature, University of Lund


About the research

I defended my doctor's thesis Impure Vision: American staged art photography of the 1970s in 2013. Here I investigated the change in the relationship between photographer and camera that was emblematic of the shift from American art photography modernism to the subsequent more postmodern forms of art photography.

Since then I have continued to apply perspectives from theory of science on materials that highlight the relationship between man and technology in various ways - both digital technology and analogue. Environment and biology also take up a lot of space in my research.

At the moment I am active in three different research projects:
1) I am investigating the Swesdish biohack and grinder culture and the increase in the number of Swedes that have digital micro chips inserted into their hands. Read more about my research here: 
2) I'm a member of Narrating Climate Futures (Interdisciplinary Collaborative Initiative funded by Lund University). Here I investigate how historical artistic depictions of future climate scenarios relate to the history of climate research.
3) I'm  writing a biography about American photographer Jerry N. Uelsmann, which is scheduled to be completed in 2020.


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Other tasks and qualifications

Senior lecturer on the Bachelor program in Digital cultures.

Moa Petersén

Senior Lecturer
Division of ALM and Digital Cultures
Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

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