Rachel Irwin in media about the Swedish Corona strategy

Published 25 September 2020
[Translate to English:] En vy över en stad och en svensk flagga i centrum.
[Translate to English:] Photo by JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/AFP via Getty Images.

Rachel Irwin was interviewed by McGill University's Office for Science and Society about the Swedish Corona strategy and wrote a post on The Spectator online (UK) on Sweden and Covid-19.

"Sweden’s strategy to contain the coronavirus is neither a resounding success nor a ghastly failure. It’s more complicated than you have been led to believe." Which Sweden Do You Want to Believe In?

"Sweden didn’t ‘refuse’ to lockdown. Nor does it have a herd immunity strategy, although it was recognised that some level of immunity in the population could be a side effect of its approach. The false premise of that rumour is that Sweden stayed open in order to allow the virus to spread, thus promoting herd immunity. In reality, Swedish law does not allow for many types of lockdown measures...", The truth about Sweden’s voluntary lockdown.