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I graduated from the Master Programme in Applied Cultural Analysis at Lund University in 2013.

I completed my first master degree at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. There I studied English culture and society as my major subject, with history, philosophy and Finnish as minor subjects. I also studied for 2 years at the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland, where my subjects included English, Irish Gaelic and Welsh languages, philosophy and history of art.


Present projects

About the research

In this project I intend to investigate every-day use of historical references in the context of a small number of Swedish football clubs.

Performing history during a match is a creative and unique phenomenon and makes the environment meaningful for individuals that find their place in an organization. It also creates the club’s image and validates its current structure. This research would show how integration through historical references works on individual level that connects to this specific institution.

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Katarzyna Herd

Division of Ethnology
Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

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