The Fashion Seminar Series: ” Wardrobe studies and sustainability in the Danish fashion and textileindustry. Else Skjold, det Kongelige Akademi, Köpenhamn

28 February 2024 13:15 to 15:00 Seminar

In her lecture Else Skjold will present how she since the early 2010’s has applied wardrobe research as a lens for developing both education and research in the field of design and sustainability, with particular focus on fashion, clothing, and textiles. A lens that requires a rethinking of the concept of fashion as it has been understood and practiced withing industry and research. Through this, she will talk about how she has developed the recently established MAFashion, Clothing & Textiles; New Landscapes for Change (2020), and KLOTHING – Center for Apparel, Textiles & Ecology Research (2022) at the Royal Danish Academy and her work as responsible workstream leader for textiles in the mission-based research partnership TRACE (trace.dk). A cross-disciplinary partnership for promoting circular economy of plastics and textiles in Denmark, in which she is working to install design as an engine for change. 



Else Skjold is Associate Professor, PhD in design and sustainability at the Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design and Conservation, in Copenhagen. She holds a background in culture communication from Copenhagen University (2002) and a PhD fellowship affiliated with the doctoral school of organization and management at CBS and Design School Kolding, that lead to her dissertation The Daily Selection (2014). With this combination of sciences that together positions her within the field of design management and design entrepreneurship, she has over the years developed a very specific and design-lead research approach in collaborative projects with Danish industry partners, NGO’s and public organizations that draws back in cultural narratives and practices as well as it points forward towards systemic understandings of green transitions in the field of fashion and textiles.  

About the event:

28 February 2024 13:15 to 15:00

C4 Akvariet, Campus Helsingborg


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