Research Seminar for Mediated Culture and Information: Carin Graminius, (final seminar): Science Communication in times of crisis: open letters and the mobilization of climate information

20 March 2023 13:15 to 15:30 Seminar

Opponent: Isto Huvila (Uppsala)

What happens when the research topic you chose to study poses an existential threat to the world as we know it? When communication on the topic is politically polarised, but at the same time institutionally encouraged and existentially needed? By what means do researchers come to navigate this complex communication environment? The climate crisis and the rapidly changing academic conditions bring such questions to the forefront in researchers’ public communication on climate change issues. In this thesis, I engage with open letters as a form of research communication to explore the efforts of climate scholars to convey information and inspire urgent action in climate matters. Contrary to views of open letters as political opinion pieces used for popular mobilisation, this dissertation illustrates their multifaceted roles through a variety of information and communication practices. More importantly, the thesis suggests that open letters provide a space to contemplate one’s role as an academic in the climate crisis, emphasizing the transformative and constitutive potential of communication forms and practices. Moreover, open letters on climate change also contribute to reconceptualizing the notion of mobilisation, expanding the breadth and understanding of how information is put into action.

About the event:

20 March 2023 13:15 to 15:30

LUX C436

In English


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