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Presently, I study song collections from the eighteenth century, the declamation of poetry in the nineteenth century, songs by the Swedish composer and national romantic Hugo Alfvén, and the oeuvre of the twentieth-century Estonian-Swedish composer Eduard Tubin. The Alfvén project was commissioned by the Hugo Alfvén Foundation and the Tubin project by the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.

My doctoral dissertation ”Enthusiasm, Contemplation, and Romantic Longing: Reconsidering Schubert’s Sectional Songs in the Light of Historical Context” (Lund University 2009) is a study of some of Franz Schubert’s little-known songs from the 1810s. The work combines analysis of poetry and music with music history, history of literature, art history, history of landscape, and history of ideas. In 2009, the dissertation was awarded the prize Carl-Allan Moberg-stipendiet by the Royal Swedish Academy of Music and the Swedish Society for Musicology.

The dissertation abstract can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


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Tobias Lund

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