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As a senior lecturer I currently teach the first year students in Art History and Visual Studies, primarily in the field of antiquity and medieval art and architecture, and the students of the Master's programme in Visual Culture. I am also employed as coordinator of the Master's programme in Visual Culture.
My research has primarily been within the field of medieval studies: My doctoral thesis, The Picture, the Text, and the Space of Worship, deals with medieval mural painting in Scandinavian churches. Its principal aspects are the relationship between the images and the text and between the picture, the sacred space and the observer. I am currently working on a study of image and observer in sacred space in the post reformation churches from a similar perspective.


About the research

My research has been focused on the project Space, Image and Individual. Its purpose is to study the medieval and postmedieval sacred space of Southern Scandinavian Churches with their pictorial elements in a performative context.
Results have been published in "Kyrkorum och bild i Brunnby kyrka," Flytande gränser, Dansk-svenska förbindelser efter 1658 (ed Anders Palm & Hanne Sanders) Gyllenstiernska Krapperupsstiftelsen & Centrum för Danmarksstudier, Lunds universitet.


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Cecilia Hildeman Sjölin

Senior Lecturer, Division Manager
Division of Art History and Visual Studies
Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

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