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Aesthetic studies

Research node

The research node for aesthetic studies conducts research about aesthetic practices, thinking and experience in culture and society. The node embraces the fact that aesthetic questions today are studied in several disciplines, often with different approaches to knowledge. Some of them, such as art history, musicology, intermedial studies, ethnology, digital culture, and history of ideas and sciences are represented at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences. Other disciplines include e.g. philosophy, theology, psychology, the medical and health sciences, film and media studies, literature studies, and artistic research. The research node wants to establish dialogues across these scholarly perspectives across disciplinary boundaries, to promote a deepened and nuanced search for knowledge about aesthetic experiences in relation to artistic and other cultural practices.

The node aims to be a catalyst for research collaborations by organizing seminars, colloquiums, and workshops and by building research networks within and without the home department. The research node for aesthetic studies was founded in 2018.


Research colloquium: “Aesthetics: Windows and Doors”, Dec 6–7, 2018
The node’s first activity is the research colloquium Aesthetics: Windows and Doors, Dec 6–7, 2018, at Lund University. The colloquium gathers eight invited external scholars together with researchers from Lund University for an advanced collegial dialogue about different approaches to knowledge in the study of the aesthetic.

Link to program (PDF)

Contact persons

Max Liljefors
Sanne Krogh Groth
Heidrun Führer