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Forskningsnoden för estetiska studier bedriver forskning om estetiskt tänkande och estetiska praktiker och erfarenheter hos individen i kultur och samhälle. Noden utgår från och bejakar att det estetiska idag studeras inom många discipliner, ofta med olika kunskapssyner. Några, som konsthistoria, musikvetenskap, intermediala studier, etnologi, digitala kulturer, och idéhistoria, är representerade vid Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper. Exempel på andra är filosofi, teologi, psykologi, medicin- och hälsovetenskaper, film- och medievetenskap, litteraturvetenskap och konstnärlig forskning. Noden vill upprätta dialoger mellan dessa lärdomsperspektiv över disciplingränserna, i syfte att främja ett fördjupat och nyanserat kunskapssökande om det estetiska i relation till konstnärliga och andra kulturella praktiker. Noden vill vara en katalysator för forskningssamarbeten genom seminarier, kollokvier och workshops och genom att utveckla forskarnätverk inom och utanför heminstitutionen. Forskningsnoden för estetiska studier bildades 2018.

Aktiviteter 2019

Symposium: The Research Node for Aesthetic Studies: Experience as a Source of Knowledge in Aesthetic Research

Nov 28, 13–17, LUX, room C121, Lund University

Even the most factual description of an object reflects the researcher's direct or mediated experience of it. At this symposium, we ask: What is the role of sensory/sensuous/sensual experience as a source of knowledge in research about the aesthetic? What is the epistemological value of the researcher’s own aesthetic experiences?

The Research Node for Aesthetic Studies has invited two scholars, whose work explore the role and status of aesthetic experiences in different ways, for an afternoon with two lectures and much time for discussion.


Heinrich Falk: My Personalised Somaesthetics

Heinrich Falk is a Professor MSO at the Department of Communication and Psychology and the Research Laboratory for Art and Technology, University of Aalborg. He is part of the Somaesthetics group at Aalborg University and editor of the Journal of Somaesthetics.

Gry Worre Hallberg: Experiments towards a Sensuous Society

Gry Worre Hallberg is a Danish artist who works with extensive, immersive performances. She is co-founder and artistic director of the ongoing projects Dome of Visions (2012-) and Sisters Academy (2012-). She is also a PhD candidate at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen.


13:15–13:30 Welcome and introduction
13:30–14:15 Gry Worre Hallberg, Experiments towards a Sensuous Society
14:15–14:30 Break
14:30–15:15 Heinrich Falk, My Personalised Somaesthetics
15:15–15:35 Break with coffee and cake
15:35–ca 17:00 Discussion

Preparatory readings:

Richard Shusterman, "Somaesthetics: A Disciplinary Proposal”, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Vol. 57, No. 3. (Summer, 1999), pp. 299-313. (PDF)

Gry Worre Hallberg and Sisters Academy, Sensuous Society. Education for the Future (excerpts). (PDF)

Everybody is welcome! Please register to max.liljeforskultur.luse (so we know how much coffee to order).


After the symposium, ca 17:30, Gry Worre Hallberg will give a workshop, approximately one hour long, in a neighbouring room. Bring a blanket, yoga mat or similar, as participants will be lying on the floor.

OBS! Places to the workshop are limited, registration is necessary! Please register to max.liljeforskultur.luse 


29 maj i LUX C327, kl. 13.15-15

Node möte

- höstens aktiviteter.
- status på post doc ansøgninger.


4 June – “Media Archaeology – Media Philosophy – Media Aesthetics” – Colloquium

At 13.00-18. Room B237, LUX, Helgonavägen 3, Lund.

Program och mer information (PDF)


Spring 2019 – Open reading group: Horst Bredekamp Image Acts: A Systematic Approach to Visual Agency (in English!)

Programme spring 2019 (PDF)


Aesthetic Reading Group in cooperation with Intermedia Studies, the Analogue Culture and Aesthetic Node (in English!)

Welcome to the Lund University Faculty-Student Aesthetics Reading Group.

We cooperate with the Analogue Culture and Aesthetic Node of the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences.

The group meets once every other week to discuss papers, chapters, themes, and topics pertaining to aesthetics, social theory, media and intermediality, and the arts. We strive for an open and critical environment, and professors, graduate students or visitors passing through Lund are welcome to join at any time.

The aesthetics reading group will be discussing Paul B. Preciado’s, Testo Junkie: Sex, Drugs, and Biopolitics in the Pharmacopornographic Era (Intro + Chapters 1-2), at our next and upcoming meeting.

Date: Tuesday, May 21
Time: 18-20
Venue: LUX, 3rd floor, building C (institutionen för kulturvetenskaper)

For questions or further information, please contact:
Anna Fürstenberg, an6037fu-sstudent.luse or Heidrun Führer, heidrun.fuhrerkultur.luse

Please let us know if you wish to attend and we will send you a copy of the book.