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Lila Lee-Morrison is a Phd student in the Div. of Art History and Visual Culture at Lund University. Her current dissertation research involves an analysis into contemporary processes of machine vision within the political and cultural contexts of their use. The direction of her analysis focuses on making these processes visible through relating them to socio-historical practices and through finding ways to critically examine and articulate shifts in the modes of perception utilizing theoretical and philosophical perspectives. She graduated a Masters in Visual Culture in the same division with a dissertation relating Walter Benjamin's writing on the age of mechanical reproduction with the contemporary advent of drone warfare. Her writings on drone warfare and biometric technologies have been published by Brill Publications and Liverpool University Press.

She completed her Bachelors in Political Science at Hunter College, New York.


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Lectures / Teaching

DIKA 31-Digital Cultures, 'Simulacrum and Visuality', (HT 2014, HT 2015, HT 2016)

DIKA 31-Digital Cultures, 'Fieldwork Assignment', (HT 2016)

KOVN09- Critical Perspectives in Globalization, 'Bodies and Borders', (HT, 2015, HT 2016)

KOVN09- Critical Perspectives in Globalization, 'Visuality and Slavery in North America', (HT 2015)

KOVN13-Histories of Modern Visuality, 'Machine Vision I', Machine Vision II: Counterimages', (HT 2015)

KOVN14- Body and Image, 'Biopolitics and Machinic Vision', (HT 2015)

KOVN15- Visual Culture: Environment and Nature, 'Conference Presentation Seminar', 'Reading Discussion Groups Seminar', (VT 2015)

KOVM12, Supervision of Masters' Thesis writing, (VT 2013)

Lila Lee-Morrison

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