An Imaginary Musical Road Movie uppmärksammas av Brad Mehldau

Publicerad den 30 september 2016

Mats Arvidsons studie om jazzmusikern och kompositören Brad Mehldaus verk Highway Rider (2010) uppmärksammas av Mehldau på sin blogg: ”For those who are more academically inclined, and also simply the curious reader: A new book has just been published by musicologist Mats Arvidson, entitled An Imaginary Road Movie. It takes Highway Rider as its subject, with in depth musical analysis and references to a host of texts, to present Arvidson’s thesis that music can be understood more a process and less as a fixed artifact.” Mehldau kommer att framföra Highway Rider i San Francisco i sin helhet i slutet på nästa vecka: <link http:>