Ann-Sofie Klareld och Karin Gustavsson har skrivit texter om Universitets­biblioteket och Folklivsarkivet i en ny bok från LERU

Publicerad den 24 november 2022
Bokens omslag.

"In celebrating its 20th anniversary, LERU commissioned this book to throw important light on the matchless collections its members hold. LERU universities have a vital role to play in securing the treasures of our cultural heritage for future generations, for initiating new collecting activities, and in making these material generally available to as wide an audience as possible. They recognise that their academic heritage is an integral part of building a sustainable university: sustainable in preserving the past, sustainable in providing solutions for the current climate and other societal challenges, and sustainable in building both the digital and lived-in, the tangible and intangible institution of the future. This book is a contribution by LERU to that great endeavour."

Ann-Sofie Klareld och Karin Gustavsson medverkar I boken med texter om Universitetsbiblioteket och Folklivsarkivet. Lund University Library and the Folklife Archives with the Scania Music Collections (s. 72-75).

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