Lila Lee-Morrison - ny doktorand i konsthistoria och visuella studier

Publicerad den 12 september 2014

I moved to Malmö, Sweden from New York four years ago with my husband and 4 year year old daughter. We have since expanded to adding a small dog to our family. Since that time I have completed a Master's degree in Visual Studies and have worked as an assistant researcher in the Division of Art History and Visual Studies. It has been quite a luxury to return to my educational studies after almost a decade of working in the photo industry in New York, both in documentary and in fashion/advertising contexts.

I received my bachelor's degree from Hunter College, NY in a very diverse socioeconomic student body with a Political Science degree and a minor in Media studies. My master's thesis, 'Drone Warfare: War in the Age of Digital Reproduction' covered the role of visual reproduction practices in contemporary warfare, through the implementation of unmanned aerial vehicles known as drones. Part of my thesis placed this technology in an historical context of the relationship of visuality and war and political regimes through exploring artistic movements such as the Futurists. For my PhD project I plan to build on themes from my Master's thesis. The title of my project as it stands now is 'Cultural Implications of Machine Vision' where I plan to analyze applications of machine vision employed within a political context, specifically in the war on terror and analyze this contemporary image production as a cultural artifact. I am interested in the way these visual technologies affect perception and our understanding of society and our place in it. I will also look at artists that provide alternative interpretations that may seek to point to the material conditions of this production and may seek to balance the uneven geopolitical relations brought about through the use of these technologies.