New book about images and nature

Publicerad den 21 mars 2018

Bild och natur is a new anthology edited by Peter Bengtsen, Max Liljefors and Moa Petersén. Ten researchers from the Division of Art History and Visual Studies have contributed chapters. The ten texts (seven in Swedish and three in English) explore how nature has been visually depicted throughout history. From medieval church paintings to contemporary computer games and street art, from art photography to genetic diagrams – in these varied and fascinating images, nature is given a face, becomes concrete. The chapters in the book address these different images of nature and show that they are also multifaceted portraits of ourselves. Bild och natur was published with generous support from The Gyllenstierna Krapperup's Foundation and The Elisabeth Rausing Memorial Foundation. The full book is freely available <link https: bengtsen_p._liljefors_m._and_petersén_m._eds._2018_._bild_och_natur._tio_konstvetenskapliga_betraktelser external-link-new-window external link in new>here.