News of publication: Theme issue on “Intermedial Interventions in the City” – June 2024

Publicerad den 14 juni 2024
Illustration by David Peter Kerr for the Urban Matters Journal.

Edited by Nafiseh Mousavi and Phil Dodds from the division of Musicology and Intermedial Studies.

This special issue of the journal Urban Matters  on “Intermedial Interventions in the City” explores the complexity of urban media life by adressing such questions as: how do intermedial processes shape, conceptualise, and otherwise intervene in the city? How do different kinds of media combinations produce and contest urban space? How are intermedial performances integrated into the social and political life of the city? And what role might the right to media have in discussions of the right to the city?

The contributions focus on a range of different urban spaces, materials, and surfaces for intermedial interventions, from Chennai’s compound walls, to the black and white chess-board patterns painted on pavements, to the lampposts and electricity boxes favoured by street poets, to the abandoned brutalist buildings appreciated by traceurs.

Intermedial Interventions in the City is the outcome of an international and interdisciplinary collaboration while also showcasing a strong presence from the division of Musicology and Intermedial Studies. In addition to the editors, other members of the division have contributed to the issue in different capacities: Heidrun Führer and Mikael Askander as authors and Mats Arvidson as expert reviewer.