Peter Bengtsen interviewed about Banksy, anonymity and research ethics

Publicerad den 16 mars 2016

On Saturday 12 March, Peter participated in the programme Kulturlørdag on Danish national radio.

He was interviewed about the recent publication of an article in Journal of Spatial Science, where a group of researchers have used geographic profiling to speculate about the identity of the British artist Banksy. In the interview, Peter addresses some of the methodological problems with the published research, as well as the ethical issues related to the decision to include in the article the name of a prime "suspect" who the researchers believe is likely to be Banksy. The importance of Banksy's anonymity for the impact of the artist’s work is also discussed. You can hear the full interview (in Danish) <link http: radio ondemand p1 kulturloerdag-10>here (at 48:23) You can find more information about Peter and his work <link https: peterbengtsen>here.