Peter Bengtsen interviewed about street art removals in Bologna

Publicerad den 4 april 2016

On 18 March 2016 the exhibition “Street Art – Banksy & Co. L’arte allo stato urbano” opened in Bologna, Italy. Included in the exhibition were several paintings originally painted on the city's streets by the Italian artist Blu. As a response to the curatorial appropriation of his street artworks and their displacement to an institutional context, Blu destroyed all his remaining artworks in Bologna.  Following these events, in this interview in Inchiesta art historian and sociologist Peter Bengtsen discusses the role street art plays in communities and the ethics and consequences of extracting artworks from the street and placing them in an institutional context. More info and a link to the full interview is available <link https: caprioli_c._2016_._blu_in_bologna_collateral_damages>here.