Peter Bengtsen writes about research ethics and the hunt for Banksy's identity

Publicerad den 28 september 2016

In a recent essay published by the American art blog Vandalog, Peter Bengtsen discusses the methodological and ethical rigor of a geographic profiling study and resulting article, published in 2016 in Journal of Spatial Science, which identifies by name a candidate for being the artist known as Banksy. More information and a link to the full essay can be found <link https: bengtsen_p._2016_._clickbait_the_cash_flaws_and_ethics_of_revealing_banksy>here. The methodological and ethical problems with the geographic profiling study, which ostensibly reveals the identity of Banksy, are discussed in more detail in Bengtsen's forthcoming article "Hijacking Banksy: using a contemporary art mystery to increase academic readership" in Street Art & Urban Creativity Scientific Journal. A pre-press version of the full article is freely available <link https: bengtsen_p._2016_hijacking_banksy_using_a_contemporary_art_mystery_to_increase_academic_readership>here.