Peter Bengtsen writes essay about "street art studies"

Publicerad den 2 juni 2016

On 30 May 2016, <link https: peterbengtsen>Peter Bengtsen published an essay in the Italian research magazine Inchiesta about the emerging field of street art studies. Until recently, researchers from a broad range of academic fields who investigate different aspects of street art have predominantly presented their results either in monographs or through conferences and journals that primarily cater to scholars from their own specific academic disciplines. In the last couple of years, however, there have been fruitful attempts to break this pattern. In the essay published by Inchiesta, Bengtsen presents examples of initiatives that point to the establishing of a new discipline which he, for want of a better description, calls "street art studies". More info and a link to the full essay are available <link https: bengtsen_p._2016_._street_art_studies_some_thoughts_on_an_emerging_academic_discipline>here.